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 Increased Property Value

Increasing a home’s square footage to the property— including via a detached structure— reaps an uptick in the property’s worth. A roomy 3-car garage increases the value of a home. Detached garages tend to add more buyer appeal than any other added structure.

 Increased Resale Appeal

With any home improvement, you must think beyond today. How will the project affect the resale value of your home? What is the return on the investment? An eye-catching, well-constructed garage raises a home’s selling price about 13%-14%, on average. Small, dingy garages send prospective homebuyers running to other properties. A spacious garage is the second most important attractive amenity to buyers. (A dazzling, airy kitchen ranks number one with homebuyers.) In fact, buyers say they would choose a home with a large detached garage over one with a swimming pool and no detached garage, if all other factors were equal. A home with an oversized garage usually sells much quicker, too. Substantial garages are essential to selling a property in cold climates. Consequently, the absence of a garage is often a deal breaker.

 Added Storage Space

We are a society constantly in search of more storage. That’s why there are over 52,000 self-storage business in the U.S. today! A large, detached garage provides room for vehicles, plus extra space to store lawn care equipment, Christmas decorations, jet skis, ATVs, and all the other paraphernalia that otherwise clogs our homes. And don’t forget to leave room for that boat or RV you are planning to get when you retire.

Frees Existing Garage for Extra Living Area

Building a detached metal garage makes it possible to convert your old attached garage into more living space. Turn your current garage into a media room, a mother-in-law apartment, a home gym, or a family hobby area. Remodeling an existing garage is far less expensive than enlarging your home. Even if you opt not to transform the old garage, potential buyers will still have that option.

Adds Multi-Purpose Space

If your budget and permitting officials allow it, a high-ceiling garage grants even more space without sacrificing more of your lot. Use the extra room for more storage, an upstairs home office, a guest room, your dream man cave, or workshop.

When it comes to sheltering your vehicles and assets, there is nothing more durable and appreciated than a well built garage. 

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